Fees 2014-2015

Family - Yearly $99.00 - Six Months $66.00
Pension/Low Income - Yearly $66.00 - Six Months $44.00
Special Needs - Yearly $55.00                     

*Five (5) borrow toys per family
*Additional toys $22.00 per two (2) extra toys on standard membership per year.

Group Membership - $330.00 ~ maximum 10 borrow toys per fortnight (hire toys as per hire fee).

Toy Hire (per fortnight)
Members - Various prices as marked (no deposit)     
Non-Members /One-Off borrow - $35 plus $50 deposit (five borrow toys max, hire toys as per fee per fortnight)
Late Fees/Broken or Lost Toys
  • Unless by previous arrangement overdue toys will incur a $5.00 per week fee for borrow toys. ($10.00 per week for group memberships)
  • Overdue hire toys will incur the cost of hire again each week overdue.   
  • If a toy or jigsaw puzzle is returned with a lost or broken piece and you cannot supply a suitable substitute, the toy library will charge a fee of $6.00 per piece
  • You will be liable for the full replacement cost of a toy that is broken beyond repair, or is missing too many pieces thus making it unsuitable for further use.  The value of the toys is depreciated each year; the cost to you is the depreciated value unless the toy is less than 12 months old in which case you will be liable for the full cost.

3 Year Old Kindy - $200.00 per ten week school term
Playgroups - $5.00 donation per family per two hour session
Other Activities or Usage - By arrangement

Capsule Hire        
6 months - $50.00 plus $50.00 deposit = Total Cost: $100.00
2 months or less - $30.00 plus $50.00 deposit = Total Cost: $80.00    

All prices quoted valid 01/07/14 to 30/06/15