Borrow & Hire Toys
A family can borrow up to five (5) toys per fortnight, a group can borrow up to ten (10) toys per fortnight.  
The Toy Library has a selection of larger toys suitable for general use, birthday parties or special occasions.  Larger equipment is hired for a two week period at a reasonable rate.
A one-off short term membership is also available for parties etc.

Baby Capsule Hire
Baby capsules suitable for children birth to approximately six months are available for hire at a reasonable rate plus deposit.  Capsule hire can be for a six month period, or if required, a two month or less hire.
There is a high demand for capsule hire so booking four to six weeks prior to the expected birth is recommended.

Centre Safety
We encourage your children to help select their toys; however the library is not a play area and for health and safety reasons children must be under supervision at all times and toys not taken must be placed back in their original location.